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Welcome to Gameshow Pro

Gameshow Pro is the flexible and customizable game show software to create Hollywood-style games. Whether you have a group of 5 or an event of hundreds, Gameshow Pro allows you to:

Create games around any topic

Completely engage every participant

Energize your training - in person or online

Powerfully re-enforce learning

Track individual performance

Add an element of fun and excitement

We take the Zzzzzz out of Zoom

Virtual Array

Let’s face it. “Zoom Fatigue” is real. It’s hard to capture your attendees’ attention online, and even more difficult to retain that attention.

How do you know what is getting through and what — if anything — is sticking?

Enter Gameshow Pro. It is compatible with any type webinar, videoconferencing, or virtual presentation platform.

Utilizing a learning game show during your online presentation builds teamwork, creates an incentive to pay attention, and gives the brain a new way to process and absorb your information.

  • "Emotion is very connected to learning and if we can make the emotions 'fun' that equals more learning." Instructional Designer, Community College
  • "My people are paying a lot more attention to the material. They don't want to miss a single word and they're actively engaged." Environmental Trainer
  • "We train employees that are German, Japanese and American and all 3 cultures just love it! They rave about it and want to play the game again." Human Resources Generalist
  • "Our trainees are not JUST retaining more information, they're gaining a better appreciation of what we're saying." Trainer, United States Air Force
  • "At first we have a mixed reaction about 'playing games' . But our biggest nay-sayers had become our biggest cheerleaders." Safety Trainer
  • "Using the games to review and re-enforce has been a wonderful asset. When students miss a question I use the information screen to review the information." Trainer
  • “Gameshow Pro is very interactive. Even our trainers love it and we use it for EVERYTHING!" Trainer, Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • "Gameshow Pro has become a regular feature at our divisional offsite meetings. It's a blast!" Senior Trainer Pharmaceutical Company
  • "We are evaluated by the Navy on shipboard knowledge and running multiple drills. Our cutter has scored an overall average of 94% and I am confident that your product has played a vital role in our success." Trainer, United States Coast Guard
  • "Gameshow Pro has made my job much easier with safety and infection control training. Physicians have told me 'you made something that is barely tolerable a lot of fun!'" Safety Trainer, Unitversity Hospital

We wrote the book on using Game Shows for Training.

And we're giving it to you for FREE!

Get an e-copy of our industry best-selling book and learn how to:

  • Select the right game show for your content
  • Modify game shows for any situation
  • Maximize your game's learning potential
  • Create quality, game-worthy questions
  • Be the ultimate game show host
  • Set up teams, select prizes, incorporate subject matter experts
  • And much, much more!
I Want the Book!

Gameshow Pro is being used by hundreds of companies worldwide including:

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