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We have over 25 years of game show experience, and have learned how to maximize the effects of games in the training classroom, in the virtual learning space, and in large events to completely engage every participant.

Below are some of the services we offer.

Consulting Services

We'll help you integrate games into your training to maximize engagement and retention. We'll consult with you to understand your training objectives and put you on a course to successfully implement games.

We'll show you: * Where to implement games * How to put them into practice smoothly (including hosting training, etc.) * Which games to use and when * How to design your game, develop your questions, set up your session, etc. * How to incorporate your game into your setting—whether it’s in-person or online

We've consulted with dozens of clients on game show utilization including: P&G;, Johnson & Johnson, Mystic Tan, Intel, Lawson Software, Transamerica and Comcast.

Custom Game Development

We'll develop a game that is perfect for you. This can include large-scale audience response games, branded games with custom graphics, unique game play formats, etc. Our in-house programmers work with you to make a game show solution that will revolutionize your training or event, and looks like nothing else out there.

Train-The-Trainer Workshops

We want your game show roll-out to be smooth and successful. We offer train-the-trainer workshops to ensure that everyone in your organization is up to speed on game show implementation for their training sessions. These workshops are highly interactive, and will teach:

  • The where-when-how of using game shows in training
  • Question creation best practices
  • Setting up the rules and games in your software
  • Choosing the best game for your content
  • Hosting best practices and tips

Depending on your need and workshop format, experts will be on hand (in person or online) to walk each attendee through creating their first games; this means that everyone will leave their session absolutely primed for a successful first game show experience.

Large Scale Events

Got a big event coming up and need to make a splash? Need to incorporate game shows in between presenters to keep an audience focused, engaged, and energized?

We can do that! In fact, our sister company—Live Spark—has been doing that for over 30 years!

We’ll work with you to produce a game show at your next trade show, conference, workshop, sales meeting, association event, etc., that will engage your entire audience.

Our production ranges from on-site implementation of existing game shows to custom game design using audience-response systems--and everything in between.

Game shows can be used in a large event as:

  • Main-stage entertainment
  • A team-building activity
  • A competition throughout the event
  • A review tool after key presentations
  • An evening activity
  • A featured trade show attraction
  • A tool to make workshops/breakouts incredibly engaging
  • A year-over-year annual competition/tradition
  • And more!

We have multiple levels of production involvement, and will work with you make your event amazing—no matter the scale.

We’ll consult with you to make sure your game design is flawless and be onsite to ensure that it is executed perfectly.

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