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Keeping a Learning Game Show Fresh

One of the most frequent questions we get from trainers is, "Sure, a game show is fun the first time…but what about the next time, and the time after that?"

Here are the top 5 ways to keep your game show fresh and engaging for your trainees

The Top 5 Question Writing Mistakes

The questions in a game show are incredibly important for obvious reasons; they convey the training content and they affect the flow and effectiveness of the game show. Written incorrectly, questions can be confusing and detract from the game show as a whole

Which Game Shows Should you use for Which Topics?

Trainers who use LearningWare's game shows are in absolutely every industry and institution. We've had trainers use game shows for training topics like: new product training, harassment, OSHA procedures, sales solutions, and even—yes, really--rocket science.

 Not all game shows can fit all these diverse topics. Some game shows will fit topics more effectively than others.

Our Most Common Game Show Modifications

Playing a TV game show exactly the way it's played on TV would be great entertainment, no doubt. The truth is, however, that the rules of a TV game show won't always work with your training session or the training goals you want to accomplish.

Rules About Your Game Show Rules

Playing a TV game show exactly the way it's played on TV would be great entertainment, no doubt, but the rules of a TV game show won't always work with what you want to accomplish.

5 Ways That Your Game Show Should Differ From TV

LearnngWare's training game shows can be very similar to the game shows that we see on TV: they use elements of competition, they engage both the audience and the players, they are exciting to host and watch, and they're easy to conduct and play. Most TV game shows can be replicated fairly faithfully in a training or event situation.

Hosting & Staging

When Good Trainees Go Bad: Using Game Show Penalties

Playing a game show is usually a hassle-free, smooth, and pleasant affair. MOST of the time, trainees will be good sports, fair players and gracious winners (or losers). However, a small part of the time there are players who attempt to cheat, are bad sports, or break the game show rules. 

If you should decide to use penalties (and not all trainers do) here are some suggestions.

Dealing with Different Experience Levels.

This is inspired by a problem we were asked to solve for one of our clients. The trainer wanted to design workshops using game shows for their annual company-wide training session. The problem was that the workshops were not going to be divided by skill level--rather by product line. That meant that in any given room they could have experts mixed in with new hires.

The Top 5 Things that Every Game Show Host Needs to Do.

A game show host has the ability to make or break a game show by controlling the experience of each participant or audience member. The host controls a game show's rules, pacing, audience involvement, and more. Here are five simple things that every host should do to make a positive difference within their game shows.

5 Ways to Keep Your Entire Audience Engaged in the Game Show

Playing a game show with a full class or a large number of participants can be a challenge. To keep game play running smoothly and chaos to a minimum, only a selection of trainees can actually answer questions at a given time. 

Here are some tips to involve EVERYONE in your game show:

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