• Will AllPlay Web work with my webinar/screen sharing application?
    Yes. Works with any webinar software or application. Back to top.
  • My company has a firewall, will I be able to host AllPlay Web? What about the players?
    AllPlay Web has been extensively tested with both hardware and software firewalls. We have not encountered any firewalls that have been a problem. Back to top.
  • Do the players have to download any software for the keypads?
    Nope. Keypads are a flash-based pop-up web application. No software is required on the player end. Back to top.
  • How do I control what’s displayed on the player keypads?
    There’s an intuitive step-by-step host control that walks through the game and what’s shown on the player keypads. Back to top.
  • How do I set up a game session?
    Our session wizard will let you set up a session in advance of an event or spontaneously during a webinar. You may also set up a session within the game creator using our step-by-step process. Back to top.
  • How long can I access player results for my games?
    AllPlay Web stores game results from every game session in a private, secure area on our server until you delete them. Back to top.
  • Will the program run on Mac and PC?
    The player keypads will run on any computer—Mac OR PC. However, the creator is currently PC-based. Back to top.
  • How many people can participate using AllPlay Web?
    AllPlay Web is scalable. While the number of persons able to play could depend on your license, AllPlay Web itself can accommodate from one-to-thousands of players. Back to top.