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Welcome to QuizPoint!

Bring your training online in a flash! Quiz Point allows you to post games and quizzes to the internet quickly and easily—without engaging IT, and without complication. It’s the perfect way to preview, present and review information—anytime, anywhere.

Game creation is a snap, posting your quiz to the web takes ONE CLICK, and our unique, no-hassle invitation wizard lets you get the word fast. Plus, Quiz Point features a robust learning management system that lets you track how each participant answered each question, which questions were most frequently missed, and more!

QuizPoint isn't just a powerful assessment tool, it's also a lot of fun. In addition to an engaging Q&A Quiz, QuizPoint offers a Hollywood-style game format to provide a slick, captivating playing experience. You can add a leader board to stoke competition and motivate trainees to excel. Participants get instant answer feedback, and playing the game is an easy, intuitive experience.

Flexible, feature-rich and fast!

With QuizPoint, you can create a game in minutes and customize it to your specifications. We thought through every aspect to deliver a powerful yet intuitive software solution to let every trainer produce quizzes right "out of the box".

These features include:

Create Games and Quizzes Offline

Hassle-Free Quiz Hosting and Deployment

Easy Quiz Creation

Create a Multimedia Experience

Customize to Create Your Perfect Quiz

Track Results

Store Your Questions and Quizzes in One Place

Rapidly Expanding Collection of Quiz and Game Formats

QuizPoint is an ever-growing entity. This means that we're working like mad to add even more layouts, formats, game and quiz formats. There's a LOT more in store.

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