LearningWare's Gameshow Pro - Game Shows for Learning

Introducing Gameshow Pro 5!

The most popular game show software for training—now with AllPlay functionality. Gameshow Pro combines 7 different Hollywood-style game show templates with our popular AllPlay software functionality for ultimate training flexibility.
Each player can answer game questions using their own keypad—for accurate tracking and assessment—OR players can use slammers to ring-in as a team for an exciting game show experience.

Assessment…review…preview…instruction…and more… Gameshow Pro 5 is the most advanced, easy-to-use, exciting and effective game show template software available!

Why Game Shows?

They create a totally energizing and engaging learning experience.

Game shows take an ordinary training session and turn it into something extraordinary. More than that, game shows create a compelling, lively classroom environment. They captivate trainees’ attention—dramatically increasing participation, engaging their emotions and motivating them to learn content.

The Gameshow Pro software has been trainer-tested and proven in over 35,000 classrooms worldwide. Used to preview, present and review information, Gameshow Pro has been shown to increase content retention by over 60% and has received rave reviews from trainers, trainees and corporations alike.

Create a game show in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose a Game

Step 2: Input Questions and Answers

Step 3: Select Options

Step 4: Play