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Our bundle includes two copies
of Gameshow Pro 5

Keep one and share one with a colleague...
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GSP5 Screens
Gameshow Pro combines 7 different Hollywood-style game show templates with our popular AllPlay software functionality for ultimate training flexibility. There’s never been a better way to create a completely engaging and energizing game show experience in your classroom.
Used to preview, present and review information, it has been shown to increase content retention by over 60% and has received rave reviews from trainers, trainees and corporations alike.

A Five-Team Slammer System

With a slammer system, trainees can ring in to answer questions in a competitive team environment.

Gameshow Pro ring-in slammers automatically activate a team’s score box when they ring in, allowing the trainer to concentrate on the game itself.

No more worrying about who rang in first!

Audience Response Keypads

Meridia Clicker
Each player can answer game questions in Gameshow Por using their own audience responce keypad, for a lively game show that tracks every individual’s response.

Our audience response keypads are easy to use in either a team or individual-player game show—making assessment within a competition a breeze.

Bundles are available with 30, 60, or 100 audience response keypad options, depending on your classroom needs.

Bundles start at just $3995!

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