Bundle up and save.

Get Gameshow Pro, AllPlay Web and a 5-team slammer system.

Bundle Price: $2295

Gameshow Pro 4Gameshow Pro:
Captivate trainees’ attention—dramatically increasing participation, engaging their emotions and motivating them to learn content. Gameshow Pro:

  • Allows you to play 6 different Hollywood-style game show formats using your own content
  • Includes intro, hint and info screens so you can train while you play
  • Easy to create professional and fun games using pictures, videos sound and more

Gameshow Pro 4Gameshow Pro Slammers:
No more guessing who was first to ring in!┬áSlammers automatically activate a team’s scorebox when they ring-in, allowing the trainer to concentrate on the game itself. Best of all, they’re lightweight, portable, durable, and require no external power!

AllPlay WebAllPlay Web:
AllPlay Web is an amazing, innovative solution that allows you to create a professional, fully-automated and entertaining game show experience within your webinar. Keep trainees engaged in a competitive, team experience where EVERYONE plays along using virtual keypads.

  • Create games offline, and play them in your webinar
  • Share games with Gameshow Pro
  • Utilize multimedia, info screens and more

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