AllPlay Web - Game and survey templates for webinars and online conferences that increase engagement and content retention

AllPlay Web
Make your webinars and web conferences more engaging, interactive and memorable.

AllPlay Web is an amazing, innovative solution that allows you to create a professional, fully-automated and entertaining game show experience within your webinar. Simply create your game show from our template creator and then invite attendees using our invite wizard. During your webinar, you host the game on your computer while each attendee engages in the game using their own on-screen keypad.

Re-engage your audience during your webinar. Instead of a passive, webinar-as-usual experience, attendees are engaged in a competitive, challenging and fun atmosphere. The host can utilize the increased attention to reinforce learning points by elaborating on questions and answers. Both players and trainers get immediate feedback—illuminating knowledge gaps and preventing over-iteration of content that might not need to be covered.

AllPlay Web features professional-looking, high-end graphics, giving the ultimate game show or survey experience. You can even add pictures, sounds, custom logos, intro and info screens and more for a rich, full-featured multimedia game.

All your questions are stored in a question library, and AllPlay Web is
fully compatible and interchangeable with Gameshow Pro and QuizPoint so you can take your content from the classroom to the web to the world in a matter of minutes.

Works with any Webinar

Track Results

Intuitively Simple

Keypads Require No Software

Display Quiz AND Survey Questions

Game Creation is a Snap

Made with Learning in Mind

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