LearningWare Game Show Slammers - no more guessing who was first to ring-in

LearningWare's Ring-in devices are a hit with trainees and trainers alike.

Trainees love the kinesthetic appeal of physically ringing in to answer a question.

Trainers love not having to worry about which student raised their hand first or students ringing in without knowing the answers.

Gameshow Pro ring-in systems automatically activate a team's scorebox when they ring-in, allowing the trainer to concentrate on the game itself. Best of all, they're lightweight, portable, durable, and require no external power!

  • Durable - can withstand years of vigorous contestant pounding
  • Ready-to-use -- no drivers required
  • Transmits from 100' away from computer
2-Team Slammer
3-Team Slammer
5-Team Slammer
10-Team Slammer